Saturday, December 14, 2013

The AFC's #1 seed?

Somehow, the Chiefs didn't get a single mention in this conversation.

I'm only a little surprised. After all, the Chiefs have lost twice to Denver, including at home, albeit within a single score of taking the game to overtime. And I absolutely respect the hell out of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who have managed to show Patriots-level strength even with no less than four problematic injuries haunting their starting lineup throughout the season and some ridiculous moves, like basically dropping Wes Welker into Denver's lap. That's not even mentioning Aaron Hernandez: those annoying murder charges will fuck up a season mighty fast.

Brady, in particular, works more magic that David Blaine and David Copperfield rolled into one, and evidently, he's getting laid by supermodels (well, one supermodel) just as frequently. The man has led three, count 'em, THREE impossible comebacks this year, against New Orleans, Denver, and Cleveland. There is not another quarterback on Earth that can do what I have seen him do with mine own eyes. Plus, he seems to retain his masculinity despite modeling Ugg boots.

It doesn't make sense to me.
But anyway, how in a conversation about AFC potential do the Bengals get serious discussion without the Chiefs getting serious discussion? Even one sentence saying, "Well, if it weren't for Denver, I'd think about it..." Steven A. is certainly right about the Bengals; the badassery of that team apart from the quarterback position does not make up for Andy Dalton's lack of consistency. Compared to the Chiefs, Cincinnati is down a game and faces the Ravens in a couple of weeks, who beat them once already. The Chiefs could realistically lose to either the Colts or the Chargers again, although I'd put money on them winning at least one of those games. So the Chiefs and the Bengals have a great chance of finishing the season with the same win-loss record. Both teams have a shot, and I'd say our quarterback gives us an edge. Alex Smith is, at least, consistent.

Kansas City should look better than just their record against the Broncos, given that Peyton sucks in the cold. The problem, aside from the losses against Denver, is probably injuries, which look really bad for the Chiefs right now.


Our injury list is making life suck for the Chiefs D right now. Brandon Albert and of course Justin Houston make life miserable for the other side when on the field, and losing them is painful. But still: the Chiefs retain Brandon Flowers, Dontari Poe, and Tamba Hali. The defense still has the talent to do the job. 

Offensively, the official report says that Anthony Fasano is out, although there are disagreements. It would be nice to have Fasano, who's probably a little underrated and has made some great catches this season. More importantly, Smith, Charles, and Bowe are alive and well. Dwayne Bowe, in particular, has been playing there's a cherry limeade on the line. Dexter McCluster is out of commission, although that probably won't last but the one game. Donnie Avery can pick up the slack.

Oakland isn't always the easiest team to beat, and they ranked high in rushing defense prior to getting run down by the Cowboys on Thanksgiving week. But if DeMarco Murray can do it, Jamaal Charles can do it. 

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